Sunday, 11 July 2010

Making Money With Digital Camera

Have you heard of micro stock photography? It is a brand new but profitable process where stock photography sites pay you to submit photographs to their database. These sites in turn make funds by supplying your photographs to web designers, marketing agencies & illustrators who use your photographs in their own projects.

So each time someone downloads your photograph (or makes an exclusive rights purchase), you get paid a fixed amount. The more people download (or buy) your picture, the more you earn -- It is that simple.

For making funds with digital camera, it is your creative vision (along with a few lovely sites) that make all the difference. It is not difficult to make a every month income from your stock picture submissions.

It is like a writer earning royalties from his novel as long as it sells in the market. It is the same for photographers -- As long as your photographs stay in the digital marketplace, you get paid.
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